Plexus Media recently interviewed Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High. Our team discussed what is happening with Nutritional High regarding research and development, new products and plans for the upcoming months of 2018!


Congratulations on the chocolate launch in Colorado! Can you discuss the research and development that went into creating these two varieties of chocolate?

As many knows, the Nutritional High team is constantly working to create high-quality products that are standout in the current cannabis market. By combining our short-path distillation oil and flavourful ingredients, our chocolates were no exception.

In terms of flavors, on the dark chocolate side, we developed a dark chocolate sea salt flavor and we also have a dark chocolate blueberry flavor! On the milk chocolate side, we launched a premium milk chocolate flavor and a caramel milk chocolate flavor. These bars are all branded underneath our FLÏ™ brand. Each bar is approximate 3.5oz, with 100mg THC distillate per bar.

When you ask what went into our research… it was a lot! Our team has been doing constant consumer and customer evaluation. In addition to product testing, we also studied the marketplace on the product and packaging sides so that we could set ourselves apart in both arenas. Particularly, we were conscious about how the design appeals to all consumers.

Just like our vape cartridge products, our chocolate also incorporates a clear distillate, through a cold ethanol extraction process which means our oil has no taste and no flavor. That translates into a very high quality, great tasting product. My background, for the majority of 26 years has been spent in mass chocolate manufacturing. At the end of the day, it’s the taste that matters. I understand the value of the consumer having a great experience, and what it means for them to say, “wow, this is a great tasting product!” I’m confident in saying that our customers are not only going to buy our chocolate for the benefit of the cannabis oil, but also because they had an enjoyable experience.


Can you also discuss the feedback you’ve received so far with the product?

The first chocolate products that we’ve put into the marketplace sold out quickly! We’ve been focused on replenishing various orders to dispensaries in Colorado.

Beyond the chocolates, we’ve been successful with the penetration of our vape cartridges into the marketplace. When our team began ramping up on the edibles side, there was already a mindset in the marketplace that the FLÏ™ brand represents a very high-quality product, and also represents a high level of consumer value as well. Furthermore, we recently secured a deal with 6 California dispensaries who will be distributing our FLÏ™ products!


How is the FLÏ™ chocolate and edibles line looking to expand in the upcoming months?

One thing we are doing is continuing to expand the edibles line. Our team is evaluating the potential of creating gummies. Additionally, we are looking at potentially developing more innovative products such as truffles, chocolate covered fruits, and nuts. Based on my experience in the food manufacturing industry so far, these types of products do very well in the regular markets. If we bring these products into the cannabis marketplace and we start infusing them with cannabis — we are looking at a win-win regarding innovation and potential success.

On the more strategic side, we have started working our way into the California market, Oregon, and are evaluating potential in Washington. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot going on. There’s no doubt that our team is achieving growth and becoming a company with a multi-state platform. Together, our team is working to establish a serious foothold in the cannabis industry as it stands today. We’re only expecting to continue in growth as legalization and regulations start to change across North America.