The intricate inner workings of the cannabis industry are indicative of how fragile this industry still is, although it continues to grow at a colossal rate. Within the first five weeks of 2018, the legal cannabis industry raked in $1.2 billion in investments, according to Viridian Capital Advisors. For businesses to stay on top of changes within the evolving industry, it’s imperative to branch out into other avenues of the market, just like Nutritional High does.

Boasting quality extraction facilities, Nutritional High is providing some of North America’s biggest markets with the best in extracted cannabis. Nutritional High’s full-scale operational model combines various stages of production, distribution, and retail brands spread across California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Pure oils, infused edibles, and cannabis concentrates make up the Nutritional High retail product portfolio, with most of the in-house retail products being produced inside two commercial facilities: Palo Verde (Pueblo, Colorado) and Pasa Verde Labs (Sacramento, CA).

The FLÏ™ Brand

The Nutritional High flagship brand, FLÏ™, is constantly undergoing innovations in product quality and technology. It adopts a bold brand and a swelling selection of products that consumers may struggle to find anywhere else.

FLÏ Product Lines:

  • FLÏ™ Extracts – The quality of FLÏ’s extracts cannot be compared, it is the basis of every FLÏ product. Only the purest ingredients are used and only the best methods of extraction conducted. All liquid concentrates and extracts produced for the FLÏ brand involve an industry unique process that includes mechanical separation, cold ethanol extraction, and short path distillation.
  • FLÏ™ Vape (3 varieties: High Terp, Select, Premium) –  The sophisticated vape technology enables consumers to inhale potent cannabinoid-rich oils in a healthier way versus a traditional smoking product.
  • FLÏ™ Syringes – Inside these syringes is an oily substance created with a strain-specific distillate. Again, the syringes’ extracts are produced using the same process as the vapes. FLÏ’s syringe cannabinoid content is through the roof compared to industry standard, with some syringes testing for 90% THC potency.
  • FLÏ™ Chocolate (Cocoa-based) Infused with cannabis extract, FLÏ’s premium line of confectionary chocolate bar products are perfect for accurate dosing. Under the guidance of Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High who has 20+ years of food industry experience, FLÏ has developed 4 unique flavor and texture combinations to please every palate.
  • FLÏ™ Chocolate Shots – Imagine being able to take a shot of cannabis-infused chocolate with you in hot temperatures or below-freezing climates and not have to worry about it melting/freezing? Using a unique formulation, the chocolate shot remains in a liquid state for perfect consumption anytime.  That’s exactly what the FLÏ team accomplished when they engineered these products.
  • FLÏ™ Space Joints – The classic. A traditional joint is still one of the most popular methods of consumption amongst recreational consumers. FLÏ Space Joints use only the highest quality cannabis, crammed into these powerful pre-rolls, which routinely test at a THC level of around 40%.
  • FLÏ™ Mini Mints – Discreet microdosing is made possible with these brand new flavored mints. Each mint is infused with a 5 mg dose of cannabinoids. Choose between Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, Sour Apple, and Sunny Citrus as of right now.

Why is this segment of the market valuable for investors?

FLÏ™ combines an assortment of ingredients to develop their potent range of THC-rich cannabis oils. The brand’s usage of the origami crane logo adds to the aspirational professional yet cool vibe, grasping consumer attention and establishing a sense of trust. The FLÏ team adopt an intelligent industry-leading production process that makes them stand out of the crowd.

An investor can feel confident when they enjoy a slice of the edibles and extracts market which, according to a Technavio report, is predicted to grow at a CAGR of over 25% between 2018 and 2022. Since these products are enjoyed by both medical and recreational consumers, it’s understandable why this segment is piquing investor interest. Recent changes in legalization are also prompting investors to benefit from this high-margin, high growth segment.

Nutritional High demonstrates how it can be profitable, what with our company expanding operations statewide and building one of the biggest oil extraction and infused edibles facilities in all of Colorado.