Phoenix, Arizona–(October 23, 2019) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Nutritional High International Inc. (SPLIF) (“the Company”), a company focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing products under recognized brands in the cannabis products industry, with a specific focus on edibles and oil extracts for medical and adult recreational use. CEO of the Company, Adam Szweras, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

To begin the interview, Jolly asked about the Company’s distribution out of California, which has been responsible for a majority of their increasing revenues. “Our distribution has been our growth engine,” said Szweras. “We’re actually on a run rate of $25 million now, so this year has shown explosive growth,” added Szweras. He also shared that the Company has recently onboarded nine new distribution clients and is in discussion with several additional clients. “We think that we’re going to have significant growth from there.”

Jolly then asked about the Company’s recent agreements with Golden Triangle and Extract Solutions. Szweras explained that the Company’s manufacturing is primarily centered around Nevada, Colorado, and Oregon, with an additional manufacturing center coming onboard in California. He further explained that the partnership with Golden Triangle will help the Company bring both THC and CBD products to the North American market.

The conversation then turned to the Company’s growth strategy over the next two to three quarters. “We’re actively looking to reorganize some of our business to ensure that we have distinct teams on the manufacturing and branded products side, as well as the distribution side,” explained Szweras. “It’s very important to us, and our clients, that our distribution platform is an even playing field and that we can continue to provide a level of service in transparency and fairness,” added Szweras.

Jolly then asked about the Company’s international expansion. Szweras explained that this expansion has been made possible through the Golden Triangle partnership. The Company has been working to develop brand offerings, especially in regards to attracting Asian brands that are looking to break into the North American market. “We’re going to be working with them in a way that we have limited risk because they will be paying us to work on this with them. Ultimately, the best products will be brought to market,” shared Szweras.

Jolly noted that the Company’s stock price seems exceptionally undervalued given their revenues and value. “Would you say that your stock is undervalued compared to your peers?”, asked Jolly. “We’re significantly undervalued in my view,” replied Szweras, adding that the Company’s stock price was actually higher prior to their increasing revenues.

“What do you want my listeners and your shareholders to take away from this interview?”, asked Jolly. “We’re here for the long term,” said Szweras. “Distribution and manufacturing and branded products are two symbiotic pieces; they have to be working together. We do both well,” said Szweras. “We’re partnering up with brands around the world to bring the best products to market for our distribution channels,” closed Szweras.

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