TORONTO, Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nutritional High International Inc. (the “Company” or “Nutritional High”) (CSE:EAT) (OTCQB:SPLIF) (FRANKFURT:2NU) has commenced the sale of FLI vape cartridges in California and is pleased to report that the products are now on the shelves of several medical dispensaries in the State. As announced in the press release dated November 14, 2017, Nutritional High has engaged a licensed manufacturer (“CA Manufacturer”) to produce FLI-branded vape cartridges to Nutritional High’s specifications.

Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High commented – “We are very excited to reach this important milestone. Today marks the day that FLI-branded products are now sold in two states and also the first anniversary of the initial launch of the FLI brand in Colorado. Having the backing of a strong distributor in Calyx provides us with an important strategic advantage to ensure we develop a strong presence in California as recreational sales are launched in the New Year.”

Since announcing the California partnership, the Company has been working with principals of the CA Manufacturer to further develop standard operating procedures (“SOPs”) that Nutritional High will adopt at all its extraction facilities and with all manufacturing partners. Standardized SOPs allows the Company to ensure that the quality and consistency of FLI products live up to the expectations that the consumers and patients have come to expect from the brand.

The CA Manufacturer will initially focus on producing FLI Select, High Terpene and Premium product lines and subsequently will commence manufacturing other concentrate and edible products.

Until the provisions of Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) take effect on January 1, 2018, California Proposition 215 remains in effect. CA Manufacturer is a California mutual benefit corporation that is licensed by municipal authorities in the San Francisco Bay area to manufacture and sell cannabis concentrate products to organizations that are licensed to sell to medical patients from requisite local authorities. The Company’s management has taken steps to ensure that the CA Manufacturer complies with the guidelines set out in the Cole Memo, and that it will comply with MAUCRSA once it comes into effect. Currently, neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries engage in activities in the State of California that directly involve production, processing, distribution or retail sales of cannabis or its derivatives.

Update on Nevada Transaction

The Company also wishes to report that it has finalized the termination of its Nevada transaction and has completed the transfer of producer and processor licenses back to the vendor. It is expected that all funds previously deposited into escrow will be returned to Nutritional High in short order. Nutritional High continues to explore efforts to enter the Nevada market on a “capital-light” brand licensing or contract manufacturing basis. In that regard, the Company is engaged in discussions with potential licensed operators with a view towards structuring a partnership in 2018.