TORONTO, Nov. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nutritional High International Inc. (the “Company” or “Nutritional High“) (CSE:EAT) (OTCQB:SPLIF) (FRANKFURT:2NU) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Xanthic Biopharma Ltd. (“Xanthic“) to manufacture and distribute their innovative cannabis-infused powdered drinks and other products in Colorado.

Nutritional High will sublicense Palo Verde LLC to manufacture the products. Nutritional High also expects to launch the Xanthic products in Oregon, Washington, California, and other jurisdictions in the future.

Xanthic is a Toronto-based life sciences company which develops high quality THC and CBD infused products with a focus on alternative delivery methods to enable consistent and precise dosing of active ingredients. At present, Xanthic has developed the following product formulations, which it intends to launch in Colorado as a part of Phase I:

  • “Rescue Drink” – a water-soluble powder which uses a CBD-based formulation combined with other non-cannabis ingredients to offset the negative effects of a THC overdose.
  • Cannabis-Infused Fruit Drinks – cannabis-infused beverage powder allows for hydration and inflammation relief in a flavorful and convenient format that is easily dissolved in water.
  • Cannabis-Infused High-Performance Sport Drink – a CBD-based formulation targeted towards serious athletes who seek an added boost to their workout routine and understand the benefits of cannabis, but seek a non-combustible option.

Subsequent to Phase I, Xanthic also intends to introduce an additional 12 SKUs of products, including:

  • Cannabis-Infused Hot Chocolate – a beverage perfectly suited to be consumed after an active day of outdoor winter activity, which upgrades the experience to soothe inflamed muscles and provide relaxation, all in a discreet cup of hot chocolate; and
  • Cannabis-Infused Protein Supplement – a combination of cannabinoids and whey protein to help athletes recover while activating the endocannabinoid system.

Xanthic and its subsidiaries and employees are not licensed by the Marijuana Enforcement Division of the State of Colorado and shall only provide services that are compliant with the Medical Marijuana Code, the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code, the Code of Colorado Regulations 1 CCR 212-1,2, and local and municipal regulations pertaining to the licensing and operation of regulated marijuana establishments. Manufacturing of the cannabis-infused products will only be done by badged Palo Verde employees.

Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High, commented – “We’re very excited to partner with an innovative branding company that operates at the forefront of the cannabis space. Xanthic’s unique product offering will enable Nutritional High to broaden its product portfolio, strengthen its relationships with retailers and capitalize on additional capacity at our state-of-the-art Pueblo facility. We expect that once the equipment is installed, Palo Verde will be immediately able to add 4 new SKUs to its product offering, thereby augmenting its attractiveness as a supplier of high quality products to dispensaries in Colorado. Additionally, Xanthic’s desire to partner with Nutritional High reflects our industry leading pedigree for cannabis oil extraction and the attractiveness of our platform for emerging brands.”