With the release of Fli edibles around the corner, Plexus Media took the time to sit down with CEO of Nutritional High, Jim Frazier to talk about the Fli product line and the future of edibles.


Taste, texture, and development around the edible experience

Frazier and Nutritional High take great pride in the fact that he has 20+ years under his belt in the chocolate and food manufacturing industry. His experience lends itself well to the gourmet edibles market that the company is looking to target. However, what differences need to be taken into consideration when creating a product that has cannabis oil as a main ingredient? How does research and development differ?


  1. Taste: Infused edibles will always have a unique taste when compared to regular snacks or chocolate. The key is to properly mix and match flavor profiles to best create a unique and pleasant taste experience for the consumer. Fli edibles use a tasteless and odorless oil in addition to top of the line ingredients to produce a fully realized gourmet edible experience.
  2. Texture: In addition to having the right taste, the proper texture also matters to provide the best flavor profile for the customer. Additions like nuts, berries, and other sweet or savory ingredients help to elevate the Fli line ahead of other basic edibles goods. These aren’t your average brownies!
  3. Consumer Experience: Taste and texture combined aren’t anything if the consumer experience isn’t great from start to finish. By using superior ingredients, eye-catching packaging, and doing some serious research and development… Fli edibles are designed with the consumer in mind.


Dosing consistency and “A” grade oil

Another important aspect of edible creation is ensuring dosing and potency consistency. Too much or too little can negatively affect the consumer experience. Fli has sourced the best manufacturing process to ensure the oil infusion will always be consistent throughout their edibles. Not only has the company created a detailed a rigorous process of infusing oil into chocolate, the oil is always “A” grade. Regardless of the product it is being infused into.


Frazier commented that Nutritional High has perfected the cannabis oil extraction process so well that they don’t even produce “B” grade oil anymore. The Fli oil is always top of the line and is the same throughout the cartridges, dab stick, and edibles lines. Again, making the consumer experience much easier in terms of dosing and consumption.


Shelf life and expiration dates

Another major focus that Nutritional High has placed on its products is a lengthy shelf life. With Fli edibles, expiration dates should range about five months because chocolate and the other ingredients that have been selected has little to no microbial activity. Again, another way to elevate the product above other baked goods that expire very quickly on the shelf.


Strategically, producing any edibles that needed refrigeration was also not an option with the current way that most dispensaries are set up. The reality is that most don’t have fridge or cooler space to maintain the taste and consistency of products (yet).


Evolving the gourmet edibles space

So, add all of that together and what do we get? Ideally, Nutritional High and Fli edibles are looking to evolve the gourmet edibles sector of the market. By infusing creativity and inspiration (along with superior grade cannabis oil), Fli edibles should change the way that customers consume, think, and feel about edibles on the market today.