Plexus Media recently connected with Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High, in Las Vegas to discuss current opportunities for Nutritional High in California, Nevada, and beyond. With a population in California of 39.5 million people, the state’s market stands to be a force to be reckoned with. Especially when compared to other potential markets, such as Canada with a population of 36 million.


Great to connect with you today, Mr. Frazier. Would you give us an update on what is going on with Nutritional High in Las Vegas?

We are pretty excited about the various opportunities that have presented themselves in Las Vegas. Thus far, we have signed an LOI with a company in Las Vegas. That is a company that has about 3.5 million dollars in sales, a cultivation, and an extraction facility.

Another valuable part of this opportunity is that the company has over 9 acres of land. Nutritional High, in combination with our strategic partner, is planning to potentially construct a 40,000 square foot edibles and extractions facility. The facility will have a unique niche in the Las Vegas market.


Is there anything new happening in California?

Since recreational legalization occurred in California, the opportunities in the state are coming in very quickly for our team. We’re currently taking advantage of some of those in both Sacramento and Los Angeles! We are also starting to develop additional strategic relationships and sign letters of intent with companies across the state. Currently, the Nutritional High team is working with manufacturing facilities, extraction facilities, and also edible facilities in one capacity or another.


The entire Nutritional High team (and the cannabis industry in general) can see that the opportunities in California are immense. And we are using our team’s diverse business experience to exercise these opportunities to the best of our abilities and as quickly as possible. Currently, these strategic partnerships are how we’re planning to expand quickly in the state of California. Ultimately we’re looking to build a lot of our shareholder value in the state with the large market size and the unique opportunities.


Both you and Aaron Johnson were appointed to the Board of Directors recently. Congratulations! Any comment on that?

Thank-you! Yes, we have no doubt that Mr. Johnson is going to be a great addition to the team. He brings a lot of expertise on the legal side as well as a lot of knowledge on the California market, which will continue to attract valuable opportunities to Nutritional High. On a personal level, I am looking forward to being on the Board of Directors and continuing to develop this company to the utmost extent that we possibly can.