The Importance of Impactful Social Media Campaigns in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is estimated to be worth in excess of $30 billion worldwide by the year 2021. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs around the U.S. (and the rest of the world) are jumping on the cannabis train. But how does a cannabis company stand out in such a busy market?

Many clever “cannapreneurs” are discovering the power of social awareness campaigns. Nutritional High is a prime example of a cannabis brand that is utilizing the power of social awareness campaigns to attract not just the attention of local audiences,  but audiences on a national and international scale too!

Nutritional High is Educating Consumers with Social Awareness Campaigns

Recently, Nutritional High launched a cannabis awareness program called FLÏ™ Safe via its FLÏ™ brand social media channels and digital assets. This program educates cannabis consumers about the importance of responsible cannabis consumption via sourced research.

Building a solid future in the cannabis industry is reliant on how a company can position itself as a leader in the industry with a record of social responsibility. Nutritional High, recognizing the importance of social responsibility launched a social awareness campaign to invest in the success of the FLÏ™ brand.

By giving back to local communities, cannabis companies nationwide are harvesting what they’ve planted. Loyal corporate citizens can better capture the attention of local officials and regulators, which, let’s face it, is one of the best ways to secure a solid reputation in the legal weed industry. After all, much of the general public is still warming up to the idea of legal cannabis, so it’s pretty useful to get the ‘important people’ on your side if you want to yield big results.

The Benefits of Building Cannabis Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is an important job for any company, no matter the industry or niche. The concept of brand awareness translates to how much your target audience really knows about your services and/or products.

Otherwise known as consciousness raising, awareness raising is a method by which a company can educate people in their digital and public following about a particular issue. This is the perfect way to captivate an audience and leave them feeling enriched, before they’ve even done any business with you.

Competitive edge is guaranteed if you are able to successfully execute a brand awareness strategy. Based on the findings of a study completed by the International Journal of Business and Social Science, brand awareness is critical for consumers during the decision-making process.

Executing a Rewarding Cannabis Social Awareness Strategy

To cultivate brand awareness and capture a new set of customers through cannabis social awareness campaigns, cannabis brands should consider the following tactics:

Host educational events
Speak at local organizations (like rotary clubs, college campuses, non-profits, etc.)
Ask for donations
Create/promote fundraising events
Utilize the power of print media
Distinguish and categorize your audience

Social awareness campaigns elevate cannabis companies above their competitors and entice a new spectrum of customers. Moreover, the tactic can prove useful for attracting a trained and reputable workforce. Whether it’s a volunteer project or a locally-hosted event, there are numerous ways in which a cannabis company can give back to their local communities with social awareness campaigns.

Implementing programs like these across the industry can impact not only your word-of-mouth marketing, your customer loyalty, and your sales… it can genuinely impact your brand equity too!

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