How Vaping is Impacting the Cannabis Industry
Of all products available on the cannabis market today, cannabis oil filled vaporizer cartridges are disrupting the industry. These small cartridges are selling anywhere from $30 to $70 per piece depending on the quality and type of oil inside. It’s an easy, convenient, and discreet way to consume.
It’s unquestionable that this unique technological cannabis consuming device is starting to catch on as a viable cannabis consumption method. But how is cannabis oil made? What’s in a vape cartridge? And what types of cartridges are available on the market? Read on to find out.


What’s in cannabis oil?
As many consumers know, cannabis oil is what is actually within the vape cartridge itself. There are a number of components that make up a vape oil.
This includes (some may be removed or added depending on the product):

  1. Psychoactive components of cannabis created by cannabinoids like THC
  2. Terpenes for flavoring, reducing viscosity of oil, and odour
  3. Non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD

There may also be additional things added to the cannabis oil such as essential oils for various health properties. Peppermint, lemongrass, and citrus are all popular choices for flavor, odour, and consumer experience profiles.
Preference of flavour additions, cannabinoid makeup, and more are ultimately put in the hands of the consumer. For example, for those looking for a medicinal cannabis experience with little to no flavor or odour, a consumer may select a cartridge that is CBD only. The selected vape oil, in this case, would have as many terpenes and psychoactive ingredients removed as possible. This would provide the user the benefits of CBD without the “high” feeling and the traditional “cannabis” taste or smell.


How is cannabis oil made?
Cannabis oil is an extract made by mixing cannabis flowers with a solvent. This ranges depending on the company producing the oil. Often it’s butane, petroleum, or CO2 based. The extraction process removes the plant matter and produces a sticky, oily substance that has a high potency of various marijuana compounds. Consumers should be aware of the extraction method used for the oil they’re consuming as some methods do not eliminate the harsh solvents completely (ex. Butane) which means that the user may be consuming some of this along with the cannabis oil.
The final extracted oil can then be taken orally by syringe, via a vaporizer, mixed in edibles and more. At Nutritional High, our cannabis oil extraction process is done with short-path distillation which makes a flavorless and odorless oil (before reintroduction of selected terpenes if requested). Additionally, short-path distillation leaves behind no trace of solvent or CO2 which makes it safer to consume than other methods of extraction. Read more about our extraction process here.


How many people are consuming cannabis oil?
From 2015 to 2016, vaporizer cartridge sales in California grew from a small 6% to 24% of total market sales. That’s a growth margin of 400%! In the same span of time, flower sales in the same state went from 75% of total sales to 54%. (
Across other markets, vape cartridge sales have the same effect. In Colorado, concentrates have seen a growth rate of 54% in 2016. Washington has seen 196% growth in the same year, and Oregon isn’t far behind with 105% total growth. (


Types of Vaporizers available?
There are three main kinds of vaporizers:

  1. Cartridge pens: are low-maintenance, mostly disposable, and affordable
  2. Concentrate Pens: functions similarly to cartridge pens but you fill the end with your selected concentrate instead of inserting a cartridge
  3. Herb Vaporizers: larger than pen-style vapes can process the full flower type of cannabisSome vaporizers are designed differently. For example, cartridge/battery combos allow for the battery to be changed or charged. Others are disposable in that once when battery dies, you throw the entire pen out.


How is Nutritional High taking advantage?
Nutritional High is producing multiple flavors of potent, THC infused vape cartridges. Our vape cartridges are meant to be on the higher end of products with a sleek design that is filled with a superior quality cannabis oil. Before terpene reintroduction, Nutritional High’s concentrated cannabis oil is odorless and flavorless for a discreet consumer experience.
Currently, Nutritional High’s cartridges are offered at a variety of Colorado dispensaries with hopes to be introduced into more markets that the company has purchased facilities in. Read more about our expansion opportunities in our recent press releases.