Imagine that in order to bake your favorite chocolate cake recipe, you had to individually weigh, pack and process the half cup of sugar on its own; and then pack and process the cup of flour; and do the same with each ingredient.


That’s kind of similar to what the process of making marijuana-infused products (MIPs) used to be like: the extract process entailed individually weighing, packaging and processing concentrates. This manual process also meant that no two pieces could be trusted to be alike – the extraction method couldn’t guarantee consistency. It’s like purchasing a cake from the same bakery, multiple times, and having it taste different every time.


That’s what MIPs used to be like; but times are changing and thanks to distillate extraction, the future of MIPs looks drastically different.


So what is short path distillation?

Known as the short path distillation technique, this process uses a high force vacuum to distill cannabis oil (or other products) at a low temperature (important considering cannabinoids have a very high boiling point), at a much faster rate. The short path distillation removes all the unwanted compounds to create the final product. This technique is now making headlines as a more preferred technique than the traditional extraction process: since cannabinoids have a very precise boiling point, a technique that can distill at a lower temperature ensures that the cannabis is not exposed to heat for as long a time, which gives the end product a much more stable shelf life.


Using the short path distillation technique, the total cannabinoid potency can go above 99%, compared to 65-80% for most other extract concentrates.


This technique is perfect for developing new MIPs such as edibles – because the sophisticated, automated process creates a consistent product that is infused with marijuana but not to the point that it overpowers the taste and flavor of the edible itself (after all, you’re buying a marijuana cookie to taste the cookie, not just a mouthful of marijuana).


Although the extraction process has been around for decades, the consistency and stability of MIPs using the short path distillation technique is a huge improvement over the more traditional methods.


In short…


To summarize, the short path distillation technique is gaining momentum among innovative cannabis producers as a superior technique to create cannabis edibles, for a few reasons:

  • Consistency
  • Stability
  • Higher potency
  • Improved flavor


We’re choosing the short path distillation technique because it has the capacity to process premium quality cannabis oil extract with the attributes that will be highly sought after in the Colorado market – in short, you can have your cake and eat it too.


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