On August 18, the Fli team attended a Budtender Appreciation Night to continue the ongoing promotions of Fli products in Colorado. This signature event was hosted in celebration of the industry’s frontline workers.

We had a chance to talk to Mike, one of the sales representatives of Fli products in CO, to get the full story and a few candid photographs from the night. Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High, was also able to comment on the success of the event for Fli as a brand.

Mike says, “Our Fli team was thrilled to see a great turnout at the venue with both vendors and attendees in strong attendance. Throughout the event, our Fli booth provided various dabs and vape cartridges for sampling. The feedback from the crowd around the product was great — many were discussing the smooth flavors or the flavorless oil depending on the samples that they tried”. He also mentioned that “those who tried the vape cartridges also noticed that there was no burn when exhaling, which is a common criticism that many vape products on the market today receive”.

Jim Frazier noted that “Fli sales reps are constantly expanding their network to both consumers and dispensary owners. In addition to tremendous networking success, the sales team noted that the Fli booth had great traffic throughout the night.”

Mike says, “By the end of the night, our booth had a large line for sampling and received numerous questions about the Fli dabs and vape cartridges. We also had the ability to chat with consumers and dispensaries about our upcoming Fli edibles line – we considered it a huge success”.

Jim Frazier comments, “this is just another reassurance that Fli products are becoming more recognized as top of the line in the Colorado market, we’re really looking forward to seeing how it continues to grow and gain momentum in the industry!”.