For smokers who want to enjoy the puff without the harsh smell and negative stigma, there are e-cigarettes. For marijuana smokers who want the high without the smell and yes, also without the negative stigma, there are vape pens. In the past few years, vape pens have become much more popular – here’s why.


The cannabis user’s case

For cannabis users, vape pens are a no-brainer.

No smell. Many cannabis users don’t want the whole world to know they were just smoking cannabis – yet that’s what happens when you light up a joint. Vape pens don’t leave the same odor, so it’s a way to consume without smelling like it.

Safer to consume. If you’re consuming cannabis anyways, this is actually a safer way to do it (see some of the reasons in the next section).

Better tasting experience. With vape pens, it’s easy to regulate how strong the effect is. For most people new to marijuana, they don’t want to get so stoned that they can’t function – they just want to try it and see how it feels. This gives them a way to do that.

Easy to carry. Vape pens are portable so you can carry them on-the-go and use it when you feel like it, since it will look like you’re just smoking an e-cigarette.

No stigma. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of stigma around smoking cannabis – since it’s essentially hidden in the vape pen, you won’t get as much of a negative stigma as you would for smoking a joint.


The business case

For dispensaries or cannabis investors, vape pens are a lucrative model and a lot more valuable.

More bang for your buck. For example, if you sold a pound to a dispensary, it would cost about $1,500. If you take that pound and convert it into oil, it can be sold for about three times as much.

People consume it faster. Since it’s so easy to carry around and use, people consume it faster and buy cartridges more frequently than they would buy buds or an ounce of marijuana.


What you need to know about vape pen technology

For a long time, people have been using standard off-the-shelf vape pen technology that was never really designed to vaporize the oil that comes from cannabis – cannabis oils are a different thickness with a different viscosity. At Nutritional High, we sourced hardware designed for that type of viscosity and combined it with a solvent-free method of creating distillate (the active ingredient found in cannabis). The result looks like olive oil but tastes like cannabis.

Other methods often have some contaminations from chemicals like pesticides and heavy metal (within a tolerable range but still there). We chose a way more complicated way of producing a purified distillate with no contamination. It’s more technically complicated but it’s worth the health benefits for the cannabis user, in the end.