Recently announced as Nutritional High’s newest Board of Directors member, Aaron Johnson is becoming more involved in the industry via his law firm in California. The Plexus Media team recently connected with Mr. Johnson to talk all things legalization for investors, cannabis industry, and his expertise in the industry as it relates to a public company.


Can you briefly discuss your experience in the legal industry and also with the cannabis realm?

To date, I have acquired 20+ years of experience in law. I’ve always had an interest in business and agricultural transactions, which has led me to where I am today in my practice. Specifically, my skill set involves substantial experience in the fields of cannabis business entity formation and regulation, business transactions, real estate transactions, and land use law. Currently, I’m a Partner and member of JRG Attorneys at Law, LLP, in Salinas, California. My firm is focused on agriculture and permitting at the moment. I also previously served as President of the Hartnell Community College Board of Trustees, President of Monterey County Cattlemen, and President of Ag Land Trust.

The spark for me of getting involved in the cannabis industry was a particular special on primetime television about cannabis. Around that same time, I’d been rehabbing a severe neck injury for 5+ years using various combinations of opiates, physiotherapy, and prescription painkillers. This documentary opened my eyes to the possibility of cannabis being scientifically proven as an alternative medication for people just like me. So I began reading up and researching cannabis and its biochemistry. After many late nights, I’ve become well read on the subject of and the science behind cannabis. To date, this knowledge has helped me to best represent industry clientele that ranges from smaller cannabis growers to some of the biggest dispensaries in the state of California.


How did you get involved with Nutritional High?
What excites you most to be a part of the NH team?

What excites me most about the Nutritional High model is the focus on proper execution and attention to the quality of the product. I’ve wanted to be a part of a company that’s producing exceptional products with a clear health benefit and brand strategy.

I think the greatest part of being on the Nutritional High team is seeing that the company and employees understand the value of the science behind the plant and extraction methods. It personally mattered to me that Nutritional High takes their knowledge of innovation, technology, and proper extraction seriously. This is definitely not something that all cannabis companies are making a priority at this time.


Can you talk briefly about the legalization space in relation to investors?
How do you see the current legalization situation in the USA? Canada?

In my personal view, all roads lead to legalization right now. Just the fact that senators and government officials have been making public statements on the matter, to me, shows that it’s only a matter of time until this becomes a federal issue.
We saw in December 2017/January 2018 how hot the market was, and despite the Cole Memo being revoked a month later, many people who bought in earlier to public companies have stayed in. This shows some kind of investor belief in the industry. It’s my personal belief that as the science continues to evolve and research becomes more prominent, so too will industry investment.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, Aaron. We look forward to seeing how you continue to contribute in your new role on the Board of Directors for Nutritional High!