Calyx has been selected to launch new cannabis-infused sparking tonic, mood33, a next generation brand developed by life-long natural beverage pioneers and brand partners based in New York and Santa Monica.  It launched its California distribution on 4/20 in Malibu, CA and is sold at Malibu’s most prominent dispensary, 99 High Tide, and prominent California cannabis retailer Harborside has commenced selling mood33 beverages, with other prominent retailers expected to follow (

mood33 CEO Michael Christopher added, “It’s been a privilege to bring this new line of better-for-you beverages to the legal cannabis marketplace in California together in partnership with Calyx Brands.  With a shared vision to establish new market share with healthy, mainstream cannabis products that have mass-market appeal, we look forward to growing with Calyx for years to come.”

FLI Production Roll-Out Commences in California

The Company has completed beta testing of its FLI vaporizer products in California and has initiated full-production sales of FLI products in beginning with a brand launch program in Los Angeles and Orange County. The Company has begun working with Lipsmoke, an agency of high profile cannabis influencers and bloggers to drive brand consumer and wholesale buyer awareness. These efforts are expected to yield significant sales in the lucrative southern California market.

Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High, added, “We are very excited to share these developments with our shareholders and look forward to an expanded profile for our products in Southern California. The California market is a key aspect of our corporate strategy and we look forward to continuing to develop our footprint there through Calyx and other avenues.”